Volvo P 7820 C ABG

Kategori Asfaltsläggningsmaskiner
Märke Volvo
Modell P 7820 C ABG
Pris exklusive moms
132 000 €
132 000
Tillverkningsår 2017
Drifttimmar 4266 h
Allmänt betyg (1-5)
star star star star star
Uppställningsplats Anröchte


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  • Märke
  • Modell
    P 7820 C ABG
  • Tillverkningsår
  • Uppställningsplats
  • Allmänt betyg (1-5)
  • Drifttimmar
    4266 h
  • Antal tidigare ägare
  • Servicekontrakt
  • Serienummer
  • Annan information
    HydraulicCrown Adjustment
    Foot Step 781, 782, 783, 784
    Side plate fixed Vario Screeds
    Engine T4i
    Fuel, Oil & Lubricants T4i
    Fan Pressure Sensor T4
    Towing Arms Rear
    Auxiliary Control Panel
    Generator el. Heat 30kW T4i
    Reversible Conveyor
    Hydraulic Vario incl. Vibratio
    Screed assist
    Screed anti climbing lock
    central lubrication conv./auge
    MD German
    CE German Singletamper
    Hopper w/o front apron
    USS acc. material requirement
    Auger Adapter-Kit
    Mat Thickness Scale, Metric
    Split towing arms
    Support Moba Control Unit
    Support Slope Sensor
    Supp grade sensor 77/88 1SET
    Screeds Documentation German
    Screed load device
    Indiv. operating hopper wings
    Hydraulic operated front apron
    Panolin HLP SYNTH 68
    De luxe seats with heating
    Set carryingcase control panel
    GFK All-weather-roof white
    Front Windscreen
    Two additional rear lights
    Additional sockets 230 V
    Screed side plates - heatable
    MO2 2xSonic, Slope
    Special paintwork
    Emuls.spray-sy.incl. hose reel
    Sensor Rotary with ski/tube
    Extractor Bituminous FumesVB79
    Auger lighting
    Working lights with magnetic b
    Tensioning deviceVB+VDT-V78/88
    Hydraulic Double tamper
    Roof Pump Automatic
    Partial flow filter
    screed VDT-V 78 ETC working width 5,0 m
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