Volvo P 8820 C ABG

Kategori Asfaltsläggningsmaskiner
Märke Volvo
Modell P 8820 C ABG
Pris exklusive moms
189 000
189 000
Tillverkningsår 2017
Drifttimmar 3601 h
Uppställningsplats Anröchte


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    P 8820 C ABG
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    screed VB 88 ETC 6 m HydraulicCrown Adjustment Engine T4i Fuel, Oil & Lubricants T4i Auxiliary Control Panel Generator el. Heat 30kW T4i Reversible Conveyor Screed assist Screed anti climbing lock Screed load device Tensioning deviceVB+VDT-V78/88 central lubrication conv./auge MD German CE German Singletamper Hose Kit 791 P8820C Hopper w/o front apron USS acc. material requirement Mat Thickness Scale, Metric Screeds Documentation German Screed side plates - heatable Screed side plate - hinged 88 Protective half shells auger Hydraulic operated front apron Indiv. operating hopper wings Sensor Rotary with ski/tube MO2 2xSonic, Slope Special paintwork Extractor Bitumin. Fumes VDT-V Front Windscreen GFKWeather roof White special Side curtains for all-weather De luxe seats with heating Two additional rear lights Working lights with magnetic b Auger lighting Additional sockets 230 V Warning Beacon Set carryingcase control panel Bio Oil Panolin Hydraulic height adjustment ex Partial flow filter Hydraulic MB+VDT w Varioextens Emuls.spray-sy.incl. hose reel
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