Volvo P 8820 C ABG

Kategori Asfaltsläggningsmaskiner
Märke Volvo
Modell P 8820 C ABG
Pris exklusive moms
159 000 €
159 000
Tillverkningsår 2017
Drifttimmar 4691 h
Allmänt betyg (1-5)
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Uppställningsplats Anröchte


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  • Märke
  • Modell
    P 8820 C ABG
  • Tillverkningsår
  • Uppställningsplats
  • Drifttimmar
    4691 h
  • Servicekontrakt
  • Antal tidigare ägare
  • Allmänt betyg (1-5)
  • Serienummer
  • Leveransvillkor
  • Certifikat
  • Annan information
    Screed VDT-V 88 ETC (high compaction) in basic width 6.0m,
    hydraulic roof profile adjustment,
    diesel engine t4i,
    replacement helm station,
    generator 30kW,
    reversible conveyor belt
    screed relief,
    screed climb lock,
    plank load,
    plank clamping device,
    central lubrication,
    lane clearer right/left,
    material-dependent proportional USS screw speed control,
    hydraulic height adjustment of the extension parts,
    heated side boundary increased heating output with larger working widths,
    Rigid catwalk with swiveling side barrier (foldable backwards),
    Protective jacket set (additional wear protection for the worm shafts),
    hydraulically operated inlet flap in the bucket,
    separately controllable bucket flaps,
    MOBA II consisting of: (2x Controller, 2x Sonic, 1x Digi Slope,)
    bitumen vapor extraction,
    windscreen, counterweight on pendulum beam and bucket,
    GRP all-weather roof,
    side tarpaulins for weather roof,
    comfort seat with heating,
    two additional headlights, worm room lighting,
    Additional socket 230V (3 sockets only for frequency-independent consumers, max. 3KW),
    Suitcase set steering positions (main and outside steering positions),
    biodegradable hydraulic oil Panolin HLP Synth 68 incl. filter,
    hydraulic height adjustment of the extending screed,
    Screed set-back 50 mm off-line filter,
    Emulsion spraying system including hose reel (40 l content)
    hydraulic pump for the weather roof,
    refueling pump
    CE declaration of conformity
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